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Sharon of Two Salems Alan Hanscom

Sharon of Two Salems

Alan Hanscom

Kindle Edition
713 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

A 30-something woman who sees her life is headed down the path of always being alone tries to turn her circumstances around. In the conservative, southern town she lives in … Salem, Virginia … she keeps to herself what she thinks is her crazy wish for supernatural powers. At the same time, shes made some progress in the real world, with the help of a therapist. Nonetheless, she cant stop her imagination from running wild with what she could do in the blink of an eye to improve her existence. No one’s more surprised than her, however, when she calls a bolt of blue lightning down out of the sky and a giant object that looks like a porcupine fish appears above the mountain near her home.Convinced that she’s a witch and that her conservative aunt and church members will soon figure it out, she quietly moves to Salem, Massachusetts. Her reasoning is that if her secret becomes known, she’ll at least be safer in a city already populated by modern-day witches.She remains puzzled over the thing in the sky near her old house. Why were there lights all over it? She wonders if others were involved.